Paramount Sensors at a Glance

As a producer of premium nanoprobes, Paramount Sensors serves large corporations, small businesses,  and researchers worldwide.

We help our clients advance next-generation technologies and materials by providing world-class support and innovative products that help them make dependable decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

Who We Are:

Professionals from diverse backgrounds in science, engineering, and business. We have a genuine passion for innovation and excellence. We work as one to deliver exceptional products and customer service.


On May 2010, Paramount Sensors was strategically established in Riverside, CA to offer its clients outstanding product quality at an affordable price.

Products & Services:

Customized nanoprobes to investigate the topographical, magnetic, electrical, thermal, and optical properties of nanoscale materials, structures, and devices.


Our philosophy is to innovate new and improved products while first making use of commercially available goods. Paramount Sensors collaborates with world leaders in nanotechnology and materials science to develop its products.

Professional services

    • Customized Nanoprobes
    • Sample Investigation
    • Failure Analysis
    • Consulting
    • Training

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