Magnetic Force Microscopy MFM Tips


Paramount Sensors customized numerous types of magnetic nanoprobes for specialized applications. Our custom MFM tips are being used for research, development, and qualification of next-generation data storage and memory technologies. We have standardized a catalog of these MFM probes.

The following probes are recommended for magnetic force microscopy (MFM) and magnetoresistance sensitivity mapping (MSM) analysis of nanomagnetic materials, thin films, structures, and devices. These probes may also be used for electric force microscopy (EFM) applications when the specimen under investigation is non-magnetic.

MFM Tips Selection

  • Direction-Sensitive MFM (DSMFM) tips are available in four magnetization directions: 90°, and Transverse-0°. Exhibiting high coercivity and resolution, these probes may be used to locally apply magnetic fields or to detect MFM signals along the predetermined magnetization directions.

PSENS™DSMFM-X°HC[Guaranteed ROC < 35 nm, Tip Coercivity ~ 7,500 Oe]

  • Ultrahigh Resolution (UHR) tips are designed to produce both high topographical and magnetic resolution. These advanced nanoprobes are ideal for ultrahigh-resolution MFM and MSM measurements.

PSENS™MFM-UHR [Guaranteed ROC < 12 nm, Tip Coercivity ~ 150 Oe]

  • Ultrahigh Coercivity (UHC) tips exhibit relatively greater resolution, enhanced sensitivity, and higher coercivity. These probes may be used to investigate high-moment magnetic structures or excited magnetic devices. With a tip coercivity of ~ 10,000 Oe, these probes may also be used to investigate specimen under externally applied magnetic fields.

PSENS™MFM-UHCR [Guaranteed ROC < 25 nm, Tip Coercivity ~ 10,000 Oe]
PSENS™MFM-UHC [Guaranteed ROC < 35 nm, Tip Coercivity ~ 10,000 Oe]

  • High Resolution (HR) tips produce relatively high sensitivity and are a perfect start to investigate general MFM and EFM applications.

PSENS™MFM-HR [Guaranteed ROC < 30 nm, Tip Coercivity ~ 250 Oe]

General Probe Specifications

  • Tip Height: 15 µm
  • Tip Setback: 12 µm
  • Force Constant: 2.6 N/m
  • Resonance Frequency: 75 kHz
  • Front (tip-side) Coating: Proprietary
  • Back Coating: None/Aluminum/Palladium-based
  • Cantilever Size: 30 µm X 226 µm X 3 µm
  • *Chip Schematics


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